What is Horticulture? 4 Types and Importance

t is a form of agriculture that has helped in provisions of foods for small families because the type of crops grown in this farming scheme are highly nutritious.
t is a form of agriculture that has helped in provisions of foods for small families because the type of crops grown in this farming scheme are highly nutritious.

Horticulture is an old and respected form of agriculture that as been in existence since the times of Cyrus the Great of ancient Persia and as been part of today’s processes.

It is a form of agriculture that has helped in provisions of foods for small families because the type of crops grown in this farming scheme are highly nutritious.
In this article, we will be talking about this few points in which I know by the time you’re done reading it, you will want to engage yourself in horticulture.

What is horticulture?

It is a different form of farming in agriculture that deals with the cultivation of plants mainly in the garden for the human food, environmental design or medical purpose.
You would have seen so many people deciding not to have a large farm land for agriculture but will rather decide to to have a small garden right beside or at the back of their houses full of different vegetables, fruits, herb and flowers that beautifies the environment, this is horticulture.

The fact that the process is carried out on a garden doesn’t mean the production should be hard. The need for this form of agricultural scheme can’t be overrated because the environment needs it but many thinks It’s not profitable enough so they never tried implementation it.

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Types of horticulture.

As a different form of agriculture, it is divided into different types because it’s more complex and interesting that it looks. But I will say, the only thing that makes or determine if a farm practice is horticulture is the fact that the plantation is done on a small piece of land called garden.

1. Olericulture: This type of horticulture only base and refer to the planting and cultivation of vegetables. It includes the establishment of crops, preparation of seedbeds, and planting by seeds or transplanting.
Olericulture also deals with the following process

a.) Production of vegetables which starts from clearing of garden to the planting and watering before it’s full germination. 

b.) Storage of vegetables even though vegetables are perishable goods, their nutrients can still be retain for some hours just before it will sold or market and all this activities are part of olericulture horticulture. 

c.) Marketing of vegetables for sales and profit making.

2. Landscape horticulture: This type of horticulture deals with the art and knowledge of developing plants or ornamental plants and arranging them in a way that will beautify an environment so as to maintain a natural look of nature. 

The meaning of landscape horticulture to many people are different as some people will love the flowers and trees scattered all around their environment while some will want it to be carefully selected and arranged.

Having a nice landscape ground can help increase property value and It’s also a source of beauty and pride to the owner and the community.

3. Pomology: Pomology is another type of horticulture that deals with the process of planting, harvesting, storing and selling of fruits at large. This doesn’t only mean small fruits, it revolves around type of food be it small or big.

Examples of large fruits includes pawpaw, apple, peaches, pears and so on while example of small fruits includes strawberries, almonds and walnuts.

4. Floriculture: This is another type of horticulture that deals with the usage of plants especially potted flower for house and office designs.

Importance of horticulture agriculture.

  1. It’s a source of living for those who engage in them. Many people invest in getting flower to beautify their houses and offices and such flower is only grown by experts who knows about it.   
  2. Though horticulture, nutritious fruits are well planted, properly harvest and well market. 
  3. Horticulture helps in the decorations of houses which in one way or the other makes the owner proud.
  4. Horticulture is another way of engaging our body in exercise as it gives us chances to dig, weed, plant, rake and stake plants.
  5. Horticulture also helps in controlling erosion and also helps maintain soil nutrients.
  6. It provide fresh air in the environment.
  7. It act as a source of employment for some people. 
  8. Horticulture helps in the enrichment of our diets. Vegetables and fruits are part of the most important food we consume to have a balance diet and with the help of horticulture, we were able to achieve that.

Is Horticulture Profitable?

It is profitable just as any other form of agriculture. Moreover, it doesn’t require much stress like any other type of agriculture. You won’t be needing any machine to till the ground, make ridges which means you can make a lot of profit from it.

Your family will also live a healthy life as you produce foods that promote good health for sales and for the feeding of your family.

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