Osita Iheme’s Biography, Career And Net Worth

Osita Iheme

This article is focused on Osita Iheme, a well-known Nollywood actor who began his acting career at a very young age. He is currently one of Nigeria’s most well-known and prominent actors and a leading figure in Nollywood.

Osita Iheme’s Biography

Osita Iheme, a well-known Nigerian actor, is most known for playing the obstinate toddler Pawpaw with Chinedu Ikedieze in the popular movie “Aki na Ukwa.” In order to inspire, motivate, and stimulate the brains of young Nigerians and other Africans, the movie star launched the Inspired Movement Africa. At the 2007 African Movie Academy Awards, Iheme received the Lifetime Achievement Award. He is regarded by many as one of Nigeria’s most well-known actors. He was awarded the title of Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR) by President Goodluck Jonathan in 2011. He is a native of Mbaitoli in Nigeria’s Imo State. Iheme spent his formative years in Abia State. He received a degree in computer science from Lagos State University after being accepted there.

Chinedu Ikedieze & Osita Iheme popularly known as Aki and Paw Paw respectively

Osita Iheme frequently portrayed a little boy in his early acting roles. He rose to fame in 2003 when he and Chinedu Ikedieze appeared in the comedy Aki na Ukwa, in which he nailed the part of Pawpaw. Iheme frequently assumed the persona of a mischievous child in this role. He has portrayed children in many of his films, but in more recent times, he has taken on roles that are more adult. The pair then rose to prominence as one of the funniest Nollywood comedians ever.

Osita is the current Rotary International District 9110’s New Generation Ambassador and the author of the book INSPIRED 101. Iheme is a well-known name in the Nigerian film industry and has been in over a hundred films, many of which he co-starred in with the late veteran actor Sam Loko. Iheme has a petite physical physique, similar to that of his co-star Chinedu Ikedieze. Due to his uncommon condition, he had the advantage of standing out from other actors in the Nigerian film business. He started out as a comic actor and has since developed into a well-known actor with a variety of roles. He enjoys a lot of respect from both his fans and the rest of the Nigerian film industry.

Osita Iheme death related rumours

It’s been stated that unfavorable or false rumors spread like wildfire, and in the case of Osita Iheme, it was thought that the Nollywood actor had perished in a tragic vehicle accident that occurred in March. Although the Nollywood celebrity was involved in an accident, she is still alive and in excellent health.

Osita Iheme’s Family

Osita Iheme was the fifth child born to Augustine and Herbert Iheme in the state of Abia. The actor was raised in Abia before moving to his hometown of Mnaitoli in Imo State, where he finished his secondary education. After being accepted to study Computer Science at Lagos State University, he later relocated to Lagos.

Osita Iheme’s, Wife

It was said that Osita Iheme wed in 2017, but a few months later, another media speculation surfaced. All eyes were on Iheme after his close friend and coworker Chinedu Ikedieze got married, with rumors that he would shortly follow suit.

The Nollywood actor reportedly hides his personal life from the media because of the public’s cynicism. Iheme and the well-known Ghanaian actress, Nana Ama McBrown, were the subject of a rumor that originated on a Nigerian website. It was established that the Aba-born star was still single and had not yet received any compassion while both parties remained silent about the rumor.

The question of whether he is dating someone is still up in the air. Iheme underlined in an interview that he, like many Nigerian men, likes a lady who is God-fearing and clever despite not being concerned about a woman’s physical attributes.

He received the Nigerian National Honor of Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR) in 2011 from President Goodluck Jonathan in recognition of his contributions to the development of the Nigerian film industry. His portrayal in the 2002 movie Aki na Ukwa with fellow dwarf actor Chinedu Ikedieze is still well-remembered, and the pair—especially Osita’s character—has been the subject of memes on Twitter and other social media platforms since 2019. As a result, he finally developed a sizable fan base.

Osita Iheme’s Age, Birthday & year

The 20th day of February 1982 saw the birth of Osita Iheme. The well-known Nollywood star actor is 40 years old right now. He had a big party with his family, friends, coworkers, and admirers all throughout the country.

Osita Iheme’s Net Worth (2022) – $ 2.5Million

The Nollywood actor, who has an estimated net worth of over $ 2,500,000 and a number of spectacular, eye-catching films that have generated massive sales, not to mention a number of endorsement deals and businesses he has also obtained, is one of the most important people in Nigeria.

Given how prominent she has become in recent years, Osita Iheme is one of the few Nigerian actresses who has already had an impact on the country’s film industry. After all of this, Osita Iheme is so well-known in Nigeria and around Africa due to his personal life, career, and numerous other past accomplishments.

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