Lists Of Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas in the UK

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and food. In the UK, there are many unique places you can spend the holiday.

So where should you go to celebrate Christmas? We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best cities in England to visit during the festive season.

– London

– York

– Oxford

– Edinburgh

– Bristol

– Glasgow

– Cardiff

– Liverpool

– Belfast

– Manchester

Top 10 places to spend Christmas in the UK

If you’re looking for somewhere different to spend Christmas, consider one of these 10 cities. These places are also popular with tourists during the year and have a great range of attractions.

1. London

2. York

3. Oxford

4. Edinburgh

5. Bristol

6. Cardiff

7. Liverpool

8. Glasgow

9. Belfast

10. Manchester


London is a city which has many festive traditions and events, including the London Christmas Market. It’s also a city known for its diverse culture and nightlife.

The capital of England is a great place to visit during the holiday season as it has a lot of different activities to keep visitors entertained from day to night.


York is a city in North Yorkshire, England. It is the historic capital of Yorkshire and has been described as “the second most beautiful city in Britain”.

The city lies on the banks of the River Ouse and from its Roman foundation to the present day has been famous for its Gothic architecture. It has been inhabited since Roman times and was established as an Anglo-Saxon kingdom in 47 AD under the name Eburacum. In 937, York became part of a united kingdom with Northumbria. In 1068, it was captured by William II of England and incorporated into England for over 300 years before becoming a county in 1603.

In 1801, York became a parliamentary borough, which remained until 1885 when it was disenfranchised. In 1974, following local government reorganisation, power returned to York City Council.


Oxford is a city in the South East of England. It was originally a market town, but grew rapidly with university education. The city’s most famous attraction is the University of Oxford. It has been voted as the best place to live in England and as one of the world’s best cities by “The Economist” and “The New York Times”.

In addition to being a great place for shopping, Oxford has many other attractions that make it worth visiting during Christmas time. It is home to many museums and galleries, including the Museum of Natural History, the Pitt Rivers Museum, and the Ashmolean Museum which houses artefacts from ancient Greece. It also has some beautiful architecture including Christ Church Cathedral and also has a thriving student life with numerous bars and restaurants where students can enjoy cheap drinks.


As the capital of Scotland, the city is home to many Christmas traditions. The Christmas lights in Edinburgh are said to be the largest in Europe. You can also take a tour of famous landmarks like Princes Street Gardens and visit Santa’s grotto at the top of Salisbury Crags.

It’s also worth visiting the Scottish Landmarks Trust for holiday workshops on how to make your own decorations or visit one of Edinburgh’s many food markets for some tasty treats before you head back home.


Bristol is a city in South West England. It has a population of around 345,000 people. Bristol is the 10th largest urban area in the United Kingdom and it’s known for its history, culture, industry, architecture and diversity.

The city experiences a maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters. The surrounding areas have many plant species from near-tropical to temperate. The nature reserve of Avon Gorge is home to the highest point in the area at 850 feet (259 metres).

Bristol has been called the UK’s most cultural capital and has been voted one of the best places to live in Europe.


Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, without any other major towns or cities within close proximity. It also has a diverse range of locations, so what better place to visit during Christmas?

There are many Christmas markets, including the famous Buchanan Street market. This market offers quality food and drink for all tastes. There is also plenty to see too, with many attractions located in the city center.

The Scottish Parliament building, Glasgow Cathedral, and The Gallery of Modern Art are just some of the must-see attractions that are located in Glasgow.

Plus, for those who have children, they’ll have plenty to keep them occupied with popular attractions such as Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum and Children’s Museum.

And for those who want to experience the sights of the capital of Scotland during the festive season but don’t fancy braving the crowds on Princes Street, try spending your time on Oxford Road instead—it’s worth it!


– Cardiff

The capital of Wales is a popular destination for Christmas. The city is renowned for its Christmas markets, which are open throughout December.

The markets are set up on the streets of the city, with festive decorations and plenty of lights. You’ll find food stalls selling mince pies, mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and traditional Welsh cakes in addition to all your favourite Christmas treats!

It’s a busy time of year in Cardiff. Make sure you’re in town at least a few days before Christmas to soak up the atmosphere and soak your stomach in some delicious food.

Cardiff also has a wide range of festive events taking place during this time of year. These include fireworks displays, live music and carols concerts, firework nights at various venues around the city centre and the spectacular night-time light show from Millennium Stadium!


Liverpool is a wonderful city to visit during the festive season. Liverpool has a huge amount of great places to go and people to meet, all year round.

The city offers a different experience for every visitor with so many different things going on. Whether you’re looking for culture or shopping, Liverpool has just what you’re looking for!


Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital city, is a popular destination for visitors to take in the beautiful sites and experience the history of this historic city. This lively and cosmopolitan city holds plenty to explore and enjoy during your time here. From shopping at Belfast’s numerous markets to visiting the Titanic Museum and Harland and Wolff, there’s something for everyone.

Visiting during Christmas is also a great option. With Christmas markets happening around the city every night of the week (even on Mondays), it makes for a festive time in Belfast. Plus, take advantage of the opportunity to get an insider’s view on what goes on behind-the-scenes during this special time of year by attending one of the many events happening during the holiday season such as Nine Lessons & Carols or a visit from Father Christmas!


Manchester is a city in England which is well known for its industrial revolution and the way that it transformed from a small market town into one of the main industrial centres in Europe. With over 8 million inhabitants, Manchester has been the birthplace of several well-known celebrity figures including David Beckham, Chris Evans, and Lily Allen. In addition to this, Manchester is also well known for its record breaking heatwave in 1976.

If you want to spend Christmas in Manchester, you might consider going to visit The University of Manchester or King’s Square. You could also spend your time at the National Football Museum or The Museum of Science and Industry. If you’re looking to go shopping, visit Harvey Nichols or Selfridges on Oxford Street.

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