Undiluted Neolife organic fertilizer

Id: 6855
Product Name: superGro fertilizer

SUPERGRO is a miracle wonder formula that increases harvest for Crops, Trees, Fish Farming and Poultry. It is very easy to use plus it is safe to handle, its non-toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable.


SUPERGRO is 100% organic liquid fertilizer that is made from poultry droppings, sea bird guano and organic matter with absolutely no chemicals added to it. It’s 100% safe to use on any vegetables and of course the rest of your garden. SUPERGRO can be applied to any plant, tree, vegetable and even grass that require fertilization. SUPERGRO is an Exclusive product of a world renowned company (Neolife) operating in over 50 Countries for over 50years.


Here are the composition of macro and microelements of SUPERGRO

• Nitrogen (N) 72g per litre (Macro)

• Phosphorus (P) 45g per litre (Macro)

• Potassium (K) 30g per litre (Macro)

• Sulphur (S) 15g per litre (Macro)

• Calcium (CA) 9g per litre (Macro)

• Magnesium (MG) 7g per litre (Macro)

• Iron (FE) 5mg per litre (Micro)

• Iodine (IoD) 3mg per litre (Micro)

• Marine Salt (MS) 1mg per litre (Micro)

• Zinc (Zn) 1mg per litre (Micro)

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Address: Ogba ikeja, , Nigeria, 23401

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