Kola Oyewo Biography, Career And Net Worth

Kola Oyewo Biography, Career And Net Worth

The Nollywood celebrity is a seasoned actor, playwright, and academic from Nigeria. He was born in the town of Oba Ile in the southwest Nigerian state of Osun. Younger colleagues have looked up to Kola Oyewo as an inspiration because of the significant impact he has had on their life. He is highly known for both his prodigious talent and productivity. Kola Oyewo will undoubtedly be remembered as one of Nollwood’s best actors to have ever graced the film industry.

Kola Oyewo’s Biography

Kola Oyewo was born on March 27, 1946. He attended the Obafemi Awolowo University, where he earned certificates in dramatic arts and Yoruba oral literature before graduating from the institution with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Theatre Art the following year, in 1995. He was then accepted to the University of Ibadan, where he earned both a Ph.D. and a Master of Arts (M.A.) in theater.

He began acting professionally in 1964 after joining the “Oyin Adejobi theatre group,” and the first role he ever played was Adejare in Oyin Adejobi’s autobiography, Orogun Adedigba. After working with Oyin Adejobi for nine years, Kola was granted admission to the University of Ife theater, where he collaborated with the late chief Ola Rotimi, a distinguished dramatist and scholar. The character of “Odewale” in Ola Rotimi’s drama Gods aren’t responsible made Kola Oyewo famous.

Oyewo began working for the Obafemi Awolowo University. Before finally retiring in September 2011, he saw his level rise to senior lecturer in the year 1996. He eventually joined the staff of Redeemer’s University, where he is currently the dean of the dramaturgy department, after leaving Obafemi Awolowo University. He is currently employed as a humanistic discipline lecturer at Elizade University Ilara-Mokin in Ondo State.

A veteran actor and university lecturer, Dr. Kola Oyewo, shares his life experiences during this interview with FEMI MAKINDE

How does one juggle acting and teaching?

It’s simple because I practice what I teach; I don’t just teach in the Department of Mathematics and then act in plays. Since I studied theatre arts, practice theatre arts, and instruct theatre arts, the knowledge I gain from working on set for movies is useful when I’m instructing in classrooms. Teaching and acting are complementary to one another because the textbooks I’ve read help me interpret my roles both on stage and in the movies.

Do you act on stage together with your students when teaching them practicals?

Aahh…well, I show them (laughs), and in some cases, we got involved in productions together. Students will take part in the production, and I will take part as well. In the same production, my pupils and I both perform on stage. We recently produced The gods aren’t responsible in Ado, Ekiti. We were on stage together; I performed the part of Alaka, while a few of my pupils played other roles.

As a teacher and a star, how does one handle female students who might want your attention?

How is attention being paid? (Laughs)… I consider both men and women to be my children. I’m going close to being 70 in March, so, as they say in Yoruba, what other river would surprise someone with eyes that have seen the ocean and, by extension, the lagoon? I even have my very own children, both male and female, and I also have grandchildren, therefore I treat them as my children because I see them as my children. Why would I get involved in what I refer to as illicit feelings with my female students when I am happily married and have no marital issues? I’m supposed to serve as an example for them. So that’s how I look at things; I don’t see being a teacher as an opportunity to start acting inappropriately with female students. I never roll around in the hay. I didn’t roll in the hay while I was at Ife, I didn’t roll in the hay during my five years at Redeemer’s University, and I haven’t even done something similar during my nearly two years at Ado Ekiti.

Kola Oyewo’s Wife

The Veteran and Ola Rotimi had a happy marriage. In an interview with Punch, the legendary actor stated: “She came to hitch us at Ori Olokun. Once when Ola Rotimi was in Ekiti, we wanted to attempt Ogun Onire. My wife was in Ekiti at the time because her grandmother lived in Igbara Odo and she or he visited and lived there with her, so she speaks the dialect. She attended the audition, and Rotimi hired her. He wanted to hold auditions for women who could sing in Ekiti dialect. That is how I perceived her and responded, “ah omo re” (laughs).

Kola Oyewo’s Movies

The Veteran actor have starred over 150 Yoruba movies, of which some of the movies have been listed below;

  1. Sango (1997)
  2. Super Story (episode 1)
  3. The Gods aren’t responsible
  4. Saworo Ide
  5. Koseegbe (1995) and many more.

Kola Oyewo Age, Birthday & Year

The Nollwood celebrity was born on March 27, 1946. On March 27, 2021, Kola Oyewo will throw a lavish birthday party to commemorate his 75th year of life.

Kola Oyewo’s Net-worth (2022) – $750,000

The experienced actor, who has an estimated net worth of $750,000, is among the most well-known in Nigeria. He has starred in a number of great, visually stunning films that have made huge sums of money, not to mention endorsement deals and enterprises.

Given how prominent he has become in recent years, Kola Oyewo is one of the few Nigerian actors who have already made an impact on the country’s film industry. After having stated all of this, Kola Oyewo is so well-known in Nigeria and throughout Africa due to his personal life, career, and numerous other past accomplishments.

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