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How to stay safe on classified ads websites like Ofarms.Co

This post is basically about how you can stay safe on classified ads websites like our own platform, ofarms.Co

As a responsible organization, we have lots of measures in place to make sure that there is due diligence when our users transact on our platform. But we must also inform our users about the inherent risks in transacting online. Just like it’s written in the holy book, Bible that the heart of man is desperately wicked. So it’s important to be extremely careful.

Please take online and offline precautions seriously.

When meeting someone for the first time, always remember to: Insist on meeting in a public place like Filling Station, Bank, or Restaurant, if possible go with a friend or relation. Never meet in an isolated location or invite a stranger into your house.

Also, also get your family members informed about where you are going to and keep the location on your phone active. This would make search and rescue possible if at all there is a need for that.

Meet Sellers in person and verify that the item that you are purchasing meets or exceeds your expectations before making payment. Do not pay prior to purchase, and never give out your financial information such as bank account details, PayPal information.

Remember to stay safe in all you do.

If you have more strategies on how to stay safe on classified ads websites too, kindly drop them in the comment session.

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Israel Otoijamun is the founder of Ofarms.Co and PrintLab Studio.


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