How to make money from snail Farming

Today, we will be talking about how to make money from snail Farming.

The fact that an average snail reproduce 3 to 4 times yearly already answered the question of how to make money from snail Farming. Snail Farming is a money spinner. If you are new to snail farming, your can learn it on Ofarms Nigeria YouTube channel. Remember to subscribe after watching our videos.

There are several definitions given to snails to give an explicit description of the creature. Few among the common definitions are
Snail is a small animal with a distinct head whose body is mostly enclosed by a shell and moves slowly using one muscular foot OR Any of very many animals (either hermaphrodite or non hermaphrodite), of the class Gastropoda, having a coiled shell. Snails are mollusc (animal) with a single spiral shell into which the whole body can be withdrawn.
In relation to the topic of this article, which is, how to make money from snail farming, we need to understand the economics analysis of snail Farming.

Economics can be defined as the study of resource allocation , distribution and consumption of capital and investment and of management of the factors of production OR as the social science that seeks to describe the factors which determine the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.
Economic Analysis: the study of a production process or an industry. The analysis aims to determine how effectively the economy or something within it is operating. For example,an economic analysis of a company focuses mainly on how much profit it is making. Also, it is simply said to be the measure of social and economic outcomes of an initiative.
Moving forward on the topic of this article we discuss production. Production is the action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials, or the process of being so manufactured.
A definition of production in relation to economics says it is the transformation of raw materials into finished goods and the provision and distribution of goods and services in order to satisfy the final consumer.

Snail production or farming ( a scientific definition):

Heliciculture, commonly known as snail farming, is the process of raising edible land snails, primarily for human consumption or cosmetic use. In a lame man’s definition, a process of farming or raising snails.
With the above definition of terms or terminology, it can be deduced that snail farming is not a new concept. From the past ages, humans have consumed snail meat for various purposes which includes high rate of protein, low fat, iron and including almost all the amino acids which is needed for human body.

Benefits and how to make money from snail farming over the years.

A). The snail fluid (slime) is highly functional and needed in cosmetic and pharmaceutic industries due to its therapeutic contents.
It severs as a source of employment and income to the farmers. It is a high profit – yielding business when properly managed.
Snail farming provides a cheap source of high quality animal protein for human consumption. Snail is a white meat therefore it is very healthy for consumption.
B). The shell of snails when refined is a good material for decoration, abrasive for washing household utensils and for manufacturing things such as plates, jewelry etc.
C). Snails faeces is a source of orgain manure for crop production.

D). Snail as meat: Snail is a premium food. Premium in the sense that it’s usually one of the most expensive meat in restaurants and hotels. Irrespective of the fact that it’s a common animal in West Africa, it is really expensive. This might be because of it’s sweetness. Selling the meat either locally or exporting it to foreign countries is a perfect example of how to make money from snail Farming.

E). Exportation: If you live within Africa, especially West Africa, snail Farming could be a good business for you. Snail is in abundance here and scarce abroad. Most African restaurants would pay you to export it to them. All you have to do is process and send to them.

Starting a snail farm requires relatively low startup capital compared to other forms of animal farming. There are five basic steps to be followed to start a profitable snail farming business.
Decide which species of snail to farm. There are different types of snails such as
Roman snail: it is also called the burgundy snail or the edible snail. It shell accounts for one- third of it weight.
Giant African land snail: grows to about eight inches in length, the giant african land snail is one of the world’s largest terrestrial gastropods.

Their shells are light to dark brown in color and usually have dark brown vertical stripes on them. Their life span is on average, from five to seven years, but many of them have been known to live up to ten years.
2. Set- up your farmland for housing.
3. Purchase your snails.

  1. Feeding and rearing of the snails.
  2. Harvesting and selling of the snails.
  3. Reproduction in snails, most snails are hermaphrodites, which means they have the reproductive organs of both males and females. Snails lay eggs after mating, the eggs are incubated and hatched to produce offspring. Snails are ready to mate once they reach 6-7 months old. The number of eggs produced can vary depending on the reproductive strength of the snail. After laying eggs, snails dig the earth and cover their eggs with the soil. Snail eggs hatch from 14 days to 1 month.

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