How To Find Hidden Apps On iPhone – 5 Steps

Find Hidden Apps On iPhone
Find Hidden Apps On iPhone

This article is about how to find hidden apps on iPhone. The latest system update for iPhone – iOS 14 – has given rise to more flexibility. These stretches into additional tools that will help you perform different functions on the screen of your phone. Unlike earlier versions, where the limitations are frustrating, you can even hide apps and find hidden apps on your iPhone. 

If you are one person who has hidden an app on your iPhone and you don’t know what to do to find the hidden apps, then you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to be explaining all the detailed methods that can be used to find hidden apps on your iPhone. Just follow our steps and you will find out where your hidden apps are staying.

Note that every information that will be disclosed here is subject to iOS 14 and recent development. It might not work if you have not updated the system software of your phone. If you don’t know how to update your phone’s iOS, go to settings > system update >  check out for any update > update with your cellular data on or a strong wifi connection. If there is no update, you can proceed to the methods that we will be explaining below.

1. Find Hidden Apps on iPhone through the App Store 

Downloading an app from the App store is easy, hiding it is easy, however, finding them out might not be what you will think. These are not just free apps, they are those that you paid to access. Although it is very easy you still have to follow some detailed steps to do.

Here are the steps required to find hidden apps on iPhone

1. Launch the app store from your iOS app launcher

2. Tap on the profile icon (primary profile that contains the app download). It is in the upper right corner of your screen.

3. Tap on your Apple ID. If it asks for a passcode, just input your passcode or use the fingerprint recognition button.

4. In the listed option, type the “Hidden Purchases” option to view those apps that have been hidden.

5. If you have just logged in to yApplepple ID on another phone and you want to view hidden app purchases, you can simply tap on the option “Not on this iPhone” instead of the option in step (4).

2. Find hidden apps on iPhone via Spotlight search 

Another way to find hidden apps on iPhone is to use the apple spotlight search option to find hidden apps on your iPhone. If you have specifically hidden apps on your iPhone, perhaps from the app launcher, this is a great way to find the hidden apps on iPhone. 

The Apple spotlight search function does not work for hidden apps alone. It also helps you to find other content on your phone easily. It displays content related to your search or maybe contains part of the letter in the search suggestion. Therefore providing results to applications, messages, contacts, browsing history, videos, audios and many other contents related to that search result even if it is hidden. 

Here are the steps needed to use the Apple Spotlight search tool appropriately while trying to find hidden apps on iPhone;

1. On your home screen or any other page, swipe down like you wants to access some of the features above.

b. Input the app store name of the app. It should easily display the app by suggestion c. But if it is not displaying that app immediately, you can with theed thethe ommcommandndtapping the “search” button.  

c. The app must be the first that will be displayed according to the algorithm of the tool. Let’s say the app is hidden in a separate folder instead of in the app launcher generally, you will have to access that folder before the app.  If you don’t know whether the app is hidden in a folder or not: within the search results, the folder icon will be displayed and the app to its right so that you can know that the app is in that folder.

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Picture Credit: Arnel Hasanovic 

3.  Find hidden apps on iPhone through  Siri 

Apple made a whole lot of effort over any other smartphone manufacturer with the Siri tool. Even if you don’t know how to use an iPhone, Siri is there to assist you. It is one of those tools that allows for the easy accessibility of other apps, saved contents and secured personal subjects. So, with the Siri feature, you can find hidden apps on your iPhone by instructing the tool to do this. Just attach the name of what you are looking for, it should be displayed to you.

4. Find hidden apps on iPhone through apps folder 

Hidden apps are saved in the application folder but you might not see that. However, this are simple steps to do to find hidden apps on iPhone: 

1. Launch any application folder on the iPhone.

2. Check out folders that have two dots. They specifically have apps hidden on the second page represented by the second dot.

3. To view that second page, swipe left and check the app that is hidden on the second page. 

5. Reset iPhone home screen layout 

Finally, we have gotten to this point where you can not find hidden apps on iPhone. At this junction, the only method is to reset the iPhone home screen layout.  

1. Open the settings app, go to the general setting, then tap on reset.

b.Go to reset the home screen layout.

c. Confirm reset home screen layout and you should check the app again, it should be displayed around one of your home page screens.

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