Chomzy BBN Biography, Career And Net Worth

Chomzy BBN Biography, Career And Net Worth

Chomzy BBN Biography, Age, State, Boyfriend, Car, House, Endorsement And Net Worth

Chomzy BBN, as she is commonly referred to, is a well-known Nigerian celebrity. Audiences fell in love with her for her humor, her attractiveness, and her carefree attitude while she was a contestant on the renowned reality television show Big Brother Naija. Throughout the years and numerous seasons of this reality show, numerous contestants have come and gone.

Chomzy has remained in the hearts and imaginations of the people because her personality and attractiveness are difficult to forget. She is still intimately identified with the Big Brother franchise; she continues to draw viewers to the show, and her guest appearances on television are always greeted with excitement. Chomzy has prospered by developing a brand and capitalizing on her popularity.

In this post, we explore the hidden aspects of Chomzy’s existence; we want to know who she is when the camera is off and what makes her tick. Join us.

Chomzy BBN Biography

The real name of Chomzy is Esther Chioma Ndubueze. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on June 12, 1999. Chomzy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ndubueze, who are from the state of Imo. Her family is Christian, as is she. Chioma is from a huge family, however she has not disclosed the number of her siblings. Her mother and siblings are all located in Nigeria, while her father is in Gabon. He is a businessman who operates multiple companies in that country.

She is fortunate to have been born into a family that encourages everyone to be themselves and explore their gifts. Chomzy has always been a carefree and playful person. As a child, she was the most energetic of her siblings. She mentioned that she is the favored member of her family.

Chomzy instinctively fancied herself a dancer; from a young age, she was constantly in a festive mood and filled the house with music. She continues to claim that twerking is one of her interests.

However, she dazzled school and party audiences with her well-rehearsed dance moves. This further persuaded her parents to allow her to pursue a career in entertainment, as it was evident that she has a natural talent for it and could succeed if she pursued her goal.

She discovered something unique in her personality in school, and because she naturally enjoyed the attention she received, she learned how to put her beauty to good use. Chomzy recognized that she had modeling potential. She began participating in exhibitions and events as a model as a result.

Chomzy participated in and won the 2018 Miss Eloquent World contest. In 2020, she also competed in the Nigerian Queen Pageant. She has also participated in a number of other fashion shows of varying size.

Career Development

Chomzy rose to prominence when she competed in the seventh season of Big Brother Nigeria, named level up. This was a pivotal moment in her career because it allowed her to build her fanbase. Chomzy drew attention due to her frank and straightforward personality, as well as her beauty and charisma.

She never missed an occasion to demonstrate her eloquence in the Big Brother House by arguing and fighting with anyone who needed it. She never missed a chance to show off her twerking skills, and she was always the first to hit the dance floor.

Having a height of 5ft 8 inches, she was rather frightening, leading others to perceive her as somewhat dominant and haughty.

She has established herself as a social media influencer, a fashion model, and a humanitarian, despite not winning Big Brother Nigeria. She is currently a runway model and a poster girl for fashion businesses, promoting their products in magazines, on billboards, and on social media.

As a humanitarian, she is engaged in the “Feed the Street Project.” She has already performed philanthropic work on a smaller scale. Now she wants to do it in a more sustainable and effective manner so that she can affect more lives. She desires corporate involvement in order for the franchise to become self-sufficient.

Chomzy is also an entrepreneur; she is now developing her own fashion and beauty company. She intends to exploit the fame and notoriety she has already acquired to establish this fashion business, thereby becoming the face of her own beauty line. She is an ardent fashion designer who creates her own clothes.

Chomzy has thus far handled her career as a fashion designer, model, humanitarian, social media influencer, and content creator with success. She has so demonstrated all the qualities required to be a successful entrepreneur.

How Old Is Chomzy BBN?

Chioma Ndubueze, also known as Chomzy BBN, was born on June 12, 1999, making her 23 years old at the time this article was filed.

Chomzy BBN State of Origin

Chomzy BBN was born in Lagos, Nigeria, however, she is from Imo State, Eastern Nigeria. She is therefore Igbo by tribe.

Chomzy Boyfriend

Interestingly, this attractive, ambitious, and articulate woman is single. However, she stated in an interview that she has not shut the door on love. She expressed her desire to be both successful and to find love. One of the roommates stated that she would get along with fellow BB Naija contestant Chizzy, however it appears that this was not the case.

Chomzy BBN’s Car

Chomzy obviously owns a car; however, we are currently unable to determine what type of automobile she drives. As soon as this information becomes accessible, it will be made known to the public.

Chomzy’s House

Chomzy resides in Lagos with her family, however the precise location of their residence is unknown. In addition, there are insufficient images of the home to provide a sense of the living circumstances. Nevertheless, we can conclude from the interview she gave that the structure in issue must be sufficiently wide and favorable to her everyday activities. It must also contain a fashion studio.

Chomzy BBN’s Endorsement

Chomzy, despite not winning the seventh season of Big Brother, has done exceptionally well as a celebrity. She has received N300,000 from Munch It, resulting in brand promotion, and N2,500,000 from Supa Komando, resulting in brand endorsement. Additionally, Chomzy earned N500,000 from Guinness for promotional purposes, and N2.5 million from Pepsi.

Chomzy BBN Net Worth 2022/2023 – 50Million

Chomzy’s estimated value is approximately N50 million. The majority of the funds came from her victories in the seventh season of Big Brother, as well as promotional funds from brands. In addition to being a fashion designer with her own fashion business, she is also a model.

Chomzy is also believed to have gotten countless monetary and in-kind presents from her numerous fans in the United States and abroad. To promote her “Feed The Streets” program, she is also teaming with brands like as The Lagos Continental. It is likely that the projected net worth of $20 million is a very cautious estimate, and she may be worth significantly more.

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