12 Best Livestock Farming Ideas for Newbies

This article is about the best livestock farming ideas for those planning to go into farming. Livestock farming involves the culture, feeding, housing and caring for animals. There are so many livestock reared out of our normal poultry birds, Goat, Cattle, a few others are popularly reared in Nigeria.

However, a lot of livestock are being overlooked and many are not ready to invest on them. How many farmers in Nigeria are rearing Geese? That is the extent to which some livestock are being overlooked but they are quite lucrative.

This is the reason I have written this article to settle the quest for which livestock to go for in 2022. There are quite a lot and I will be narrowing down those with the most return on investment and profitability.

Follow me as I lead you on in these posts.

Why Livestock Farming?

A livestock farm is a place where livestock are properly cared for. They are a source of nutritious foods, meat, eggs, milk, cheese, honey etc. Feathers, skins, hides and covering of these animals are used for clothing, bedding, leathers etc.

Looking at those illustrated above, livestock have a lot of benefits to man and the environment. Some even help to eradicate disease and improve the soil content.

If you are a livestock farmer in Nigeria, you have a lot of potential and capability. Well, below are 12 livestock businesses bailable in Nigeria for 2022.

  1. Snail Farming
  2. Bee keeping
  3. Commercial fish farming
  4. Livestock feed production business
  5. Quail farming
  6. Piggery
  7. Dairy Farming
  8. Goat Farming
  9. Livestock consulting
  10. Turkey farming
  11. Duck farming
  12. Rabbit farming

12 Best Livestock Farming Ideas for Newbies

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Picture Credit: Jorge Salvador 

Snail Farming

Snail is one of those livestocks with the lowest capital accessibility. It does not need a lot of work to start rearing snails when you can easily pick some in the bushes around your house and start feeding it. From there you are starting to build a smart income for yourself later on.

Bee keeping

Beekeeping or horticulture moved rearing of bees for their honeys. No one would disagree with you when it comes to sweet and refined honey that serves so many purposes. It requires a bit of knowledge to go into this but it is still very lucrative.

Commercial fish farming

Rearing fish in ponds built by experts and taking care of them extensively means that you are building a lot of wealth for the future.

Quail farming

This is probably one of the scarce poultry birds in Nigeria but they have a nice market in Nigeria. They are known for their highly nutritious eggs which are sold for profit and they are way more costly than that of other poultry birds.


Many of us hid under the filament of religion to stay away from pigs but the fact is that they are highly profitable animals. These are animals that have high return on investment in their feeds and also known for a lot of meat. Also, the cholesterol and fat level is high enough for someone looking to have more weights.

Chick hatchery

This is simple. It is the artificial incubation of eggs. Most poultry farmers don’t have the efficient means of doing this for the hens and starting this business seems very profitable.

Dairy farming

Another set of animals you should look to rear are dairy animals. These are animals that provide highly nutritious meat which the farmer can generate income from. Examples of these animals are goats, cattle etc

Goat Farming

Goats provide the most notorious milk of all dairy animals. They are also prominent meat providers and the income you can get from them as a farmer is unparalleled.

Livestock Consulting

It’s rare for you to see this kind of business opportunity in Nigeria and this is one of the reasons we need to mature enough. You see, some people have a wholesome knowledge about livestock rearing and taking care of these animals. The only way they can get money from this is to become a livestock consultant. A lot of people are looking to know more about these livestock and you can provide answers to there questions.

Turkey farming

It is more of it when I say Turkey farming but I bet many people don’t know the income generation ability of Turkeys. They are poultry animals that provide meat and eggs. Their feeders help them grow so well and that’s the reason most farmers prefer reading turkeys for meat to egg. All the same, this is a lucrative investment other than rearing hens or chicken.

Duck farming

Ducks are animals with the ability to survive in the aquatic and terrestrial lifestyle. They are reared mostly for their eggs and sometimes meat. There eggs are used for making several continental dishes because of their nutritious grey are but we seem not to know about them.

Rabbit farming

This is one of the calmest animals to be reared in Nigeria. They are easy to read and they don’t give a lot of issues if you have the background knowledge of taking care of them. The wool on their body is used in the clothing industry.


Livestock are reared for there meat, skin, hides etc and are very lucrative areas kg agriculture. They can help you multiply your income with little or no deal of work. However, you have to take care of them and keep them in a safe place to make enough profits from them.

I hope you enjoyed your read. Kindly share this article to your friends as this might be a turning point to making more income .

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