How to Start Hass Avocado farming – Step by step guide

Hass Avocado farming
Hass Avocado farming

Hass Avocado farming is one of the agribusinesses that has not been massively approved by the populace. It is a crop that has high health benefits, export affinity and revenue generation. Although it doesn’t have a popular set up in Nigeria, some farmers who are taking part in this area are making a lot of profit. It looks like a pear fruit but its inner part has a creamy nature which made it being referred to as Natural butter.

Avocado is one crop that doesn’t give an issue in terms of capital, maintenance and agronomy. It doesn’t require full expertise to start. Even with what you will come across in this post, you should be able to set up your avocado farm yourself.

Our economy in Nigeria would have been better if we had put more effort into cultivating Avocado and exporting it to other countries. We have the site that is suitable for Avocado and we would have a giant in this area if we were ready for it.

Hass avocado is added to salads, sandwiches and as natural butter to several continental dishes. It also has a high nutritional value which makes it easy to be eaten with several foods. Let’s see what the nutritional element of Hass Avocado looks like.

Nutritional Facts of Hass Avocado

Hass Avocado is a very nutritious crop containing several minerals and vitamins. It constitutes not less than: It contains about 2% protein, 8% carbohydrates,15% fat and about 73% water. It also contains elements like Potassium, copper, vitamin K1, C, BE, and B6.

All of these constituents are necessary for human health. They boost humanity and reduce the tendency to diseases.

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Health Benefits of Hass Avocado

  1. It helps to improve the growth of one’s brain
  2. Hass Avocado is heart friendly. It reduces fats and cholesterol that might reduce the blood pumping level in the body.
  3. It contains antioxidants, hence, supplementing the heart abilities.
  4. It is also used as a natural herb for treating inflammation and arthritis
  5. It reduces the body’s tendency to get affected by cancerous cells and diabetes.

Step by Step Guide: How To Start Hass Avocado Farming

Identification of Suitable Site and Land Preparation

Hass Avocado requires a certain kind of site with several supporting factors to grow fast and easily. The yield will be more accurate if it is planted in a well-drained sandy loam soil of PH 5.5-7.0 and it must be very rich in humus content.

Clear the land to be used and make sure that there is no debris or weed left on the land. After which you should plough the soil and keep it soft.

Planting the Hass Avocado

The next step is to purchase healthy and viable Avocado seeds from a reliable source. This will boost your yield later on. When buying seeds make sure that you are buying seeds that will grow into pest and disease resistant seedlings.

Firstly, you create an adequate nursery bird. You would have to fill up soil to about 90cm by 90cm. Poly fertilizer or manure at the best proportion to the nursery. Normally, leaving starts when the day season is coming to an end. Also, make sure that you are providing adequate spacing for each crop so that it will develop well.

Avocado is usually planted in the nursery bed or polythene bags. This makes things extremely easy to carry out. If you are starting directly from normal land you might not be able to control weeds but it is the other way round when you are starting from Nursery. After 6 month of nursery planting, transplanting begins.

Irrigation in Hass Avocado Farming

The next step is irrigation and watering of your plant. The enzymes in plants work well only when they have access to enough water. If you have an efficient water system in your farm before planting, then things would have been better.

The first watering process should be about 24 hours after planting. After which you just water it every day. Adequate water is important for Hass Avocado to grow very well. If there is rain you can irrigate every 4 days.

Fertilizer application for Hass avocado

At a certain point, you need to apply fertilizer or organic manure to the soil. However, for avocado, the best way to improve the nutrient availability of the soil is applying organic manure. The amount of manure you will apply to a hectare of land is about 15-20 tons for a hectare of land. It should be applied about every 90/120 days.

However, you can also apply fertilizer to the soil in the ratio that nitrogen will be higher than any other components. This is because this crop requires a lot of nitrogen to survive.

Weeding the Avocado Farm

At some certain points, wedding will be very important for your farm. These are small grasses or plants which will cause issues to your yield later on. They will compete with growing crops and take some of the element that will help them grow. This will help them to grow as well and gain more power over your farm.

Pruning the Hass Avocado Farm

This involves allowing your crops to grow well by cutting irrelevant places out. When the leaves are beginning to sprout you can trim them down so that you can grow evenly. Although pruning is not that important in Avocado trees, sometimes you can just try that.


After about 5-6 years, your avocado tree would have grown well and started producing pearls. This pearl should be kept for another 5-10 days to soften it before finally marketing it to the required areas.

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