5 Steps to Maize Farming – A Profitable Guide

In crop production, Maize Farming is one of the heavyweights in this sector. They are both food crops and in charge of many purposes that we are going to talk about in this article. This is the page where you are going to learn all the required information about maize farming and rice farming.

What Are The Importance Of Maize Farming?

The following are some of the major importance of maize farming;

1. Source of Food

We all need food to survive. Maize and rice are good sources of carbohydrates. They have nutrients that give a lot of energy to the body of people. These two crops are one of the most consumed foods in west Africa. 

2. Maize Farming Helps in Generation of income

From these two products, a farmer can optimize the income accrued from his farm. Once your farm reaches this level of harvesting, you can make a lot of money selling to companies and the final consumers. Perhaps you might need a reliable market where your product will be sold easily, visit farms. ng. You can make more money than going from one place to another selling to people on this website.

3. Provision of employment

Over 70 per cent of the world employment opportunities is from agriculture. Agriculture is the main source of income to many people whether directly or indirectly. Maize and Rice can provide many with their daily bread. Laborer, farm attendants and many other people working on the maize or rice farm will earn a lot from it.

4. As a source of foreign exchange

Some countries are well known for the production of maize. These are the main sources of foreign exchange and they make a lot of revenue from it. Even if it would not be the main source of revenue for some countries, these crops are still one of the most important to talk about.

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Picture Credit: Samuel Agyeman-Duah

How To Cultivate and Harvest Maize Farming Business

Maize is a cereal crop planted for its rich grain purposes. The grain can be used to create so many food products which are very nutritious to the body. So, what does growing maize look like? If you don’t know what we are talking about, it is corn. Anything you call it, we are going to be explaining the whole process of having a maize farm and making the right income for it.

1. Land preparation for Maize farming:

At first, you have to keep the land extra permanent for the maize alone. Avoid having weeds and unwanted plants which would results in problems later on the farm.  Clear the land with cutlass, hoes and maybe machines. After which you can create the ridges of the land. This can be done with your home or having a group of labourers do this within a certain period. You can do this by tilling the soil and ridging with the farm machines as well.

2. Noting Species or Varieties of maize for maize farming:

There are different kinds of seeds for maize farming. Also, there are different kinds of maize or corn. So, one variety of seeds can never lead to another variety of maize. Let’s make this clear that even if you would call on laborer for every other thing on your farm, you have to keep a close eye on the varieties being used.

The known fact is that some of these varieties survive in certain factors while some would never do this in that same factor. However, if you need varieties that would easily adapt to any factors, we have them listed here for you. It is now your job to either look for one or another anytime you want to buy the seed for your maize farm. To save you from any error when looking for varieties, you can just pick any one of these;

a. Flint Corn

b. Flour corn

c. Popcorn

d. Dent maize

e. Sweet corn

f. Pod corn

3. Requirements for the growth of Maize Farming:

Factors are guiding the growth and sufficiency of maize. If these factors are adequate for the growth of maize, then you can expect adequate yield anytime.  

a. Temperature: about 26 -30°c

b. Rainfall: 75 cm to 30 cm

c. Soil Ph – less acidic 6.7 -almost neutral

d. Seed rate – 25kg yo 30kg per hectare

e. Spacing of seeds – if you plan on a seed per hole it should be 90×30 but if it is 2 seeds per hole 75×30

f. Planting date: the beginning of the rainfall season – March / April 

4. Planting:

After meeting all these requirements, you can now start your planting operation. In three days, germination should begin and cultural planting operations should start. Thinning, supplying, fertilizer application, weeding and so on. With 2 to 3 months they would have been very mature.

5. Harvesting and Marketing:

Maize is harvested either green or dry. But anyone you choose to do, you can visit Ofarms.NG Agriculture Marketplace to market and sell your products. 

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